Government to consult on new PD right to split a house into two flats


During the budget today, Wednesday 22nd November 2023, the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced that the government is to consult on the ability to split a house into two flats under permitted development.

split a house into two flats under PD


At the moment if you create a new dwelling this is always development unless some form of permitted development right exists. Such as the conversion of a shop to a dwelling under Class MA. Until now it required full planning to divide a house into flats. 

Addressing the House of Commons during the Autumn statement, chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced that the government would consult on a new PD right “to allow any house to be converted into two flats provided the exterior remains unaffected”.

In the written statement which was released by the treasury following the announcement, the government added ‘The government is announcing a consultation on a new Permitted Development Right for subdividing houses into two flats without changing the façade. This will be implemented in 2024 following consultation early in the New Year.’

Whether we will see clarification on whether two flats can be combined into one house, we are unsure. But often we see a mirror PD right announced. That would clarify our advice on this situation.

Once this consultation is released by the Government we will bring you the link here on Planning Geek.

We suspect that there will be certain restrictions when wanting to split a house into two flats, such as not in a listed building, maybe not in a conservation area. It will probably require prior approval as well. This is likely to be a 56 day application. However this is all speculation on the ability to split a house into two flats. We will need to wait until the new year for the consultation. 

One question, we will soon get is when will it be introduced. We do not expect to see this live before the late summer of 2024, But who knows…..


Air Source heat pumps


A quick scan of this written statement also shows up ‘It will also consult on introducing new permitted development rights to end the blanket restriction on heat pumps one metre from a property boundary in England.’ At the moment under Class G of Part 14 Air Source heat pumps cannot be installed within 1m of a boundary.

We suspect that this will be in the same consultation as the division of a house into two flats. More news on Planning Geek when we get it. 

Other proposed changes to the GPDO (permitted development) can be found on our timeline page of the GPDO. This includes Serviced Accommodation or short term lets and equestrian buildings to residential. 


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