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Part 2: Minor operations to a property or land


The GPDO covers minor changes to a property or land – this could be any property and not necessarily residential under Schedule 2, Part 2.

This might be a house, a field, a school, a business. In fact these permitted development rights for minor operations could apply to any type of property.

Any of these permitted developments could be withdrawn via a restriction on the building usually through a previous planning application or via restrictions in a conservation area etc. or an Article 4 affecting the area.

Note that further permitted development rights for dwellings exist in Part 1 and covers items such as extensions, dormers, porches, outbuildings, driveways, chimneys and satellite dishes. Part 14 covers renewable energy items such as solar panels and air source heat pumps.

For further alterations around the home or work, both minor and large, see our common projects section. 


Minor projects around the house


This section is broken down into 7 sub-sections.

These are:-

Class A – gates, fences, walls etc.

Class B – means of access to a highway

Class C – exterior painting

Class D – car charging point

Class E – large car charging points

Class F – closed circuit television cameras

Class G – moveable structures for pubs, restaurants etc.






Updated: 30th December 2023