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The General Permitted Development Order 2015 (as amended)


The GPDO allows for exciting potential

The GPDO gives permission to carry out certain items such as extensions, rear dormers, erect fences, porches, external gyms, satellite dishes etc. There are many items, both large and small, that can simply be built under the GPDO subject to certain restrictions, building regs etc. in many cases, especially with houses, you can just go ahead. But do check for local restrictions, including covenants and conservation areas.


Index to all the articles / sections within the GPDO


You can now come direct to this section via the domain gpdo.co.uk

Other items within the GPDO require what is called ‘prior approval‘. This involves submitting a request to the local authority. They can only assess the application on items such as flood risk, noise, contamination depending upon the works to be carried out. This prior approval takes 28 or 56 days, depending upon the request. Note: permitted development rights do not apply to flats in many situations. 

The last major revision to the GPDO was in 2015. This forms a baseline to the current version. Please do not rely upon this original version as there have been many changes. This website will always aim to be up to date with all the changes. You can find a link to the latest official GPDO and changes on our links page. To date, no less than twelve revisions have taken place. We are due a new major version, this is due to take effect in August 2021. Once we have that new version it will be on here.

On our website you can find articles relating to various elements of the GPDO. The GPDO is divided up into ten Articles. You can find all these on the Articles page or via the menu above or to the side.

Some of the sections that we cover here include (check the articles list for more):

Part 1 – Development within a curtilage of a dwellinghouse

Part 2 – Minor operations

Part 3 – Changes of use

Part 4 – Temporary building and uses

Part 14 – Renewable Energy

Part 20 – Construction of new dwellinghouses (in airspace)

Page updated: 10th March 2021

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