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Paragraph O – meanings of words and phrases used in Part 8


Paragraph OParagraph O contains the words and phrases used in Part 8.

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Interpretation of Part 8

O. For the purposes of Part 8—

“air traffic services” has the same meaning as in section 98 of the Transport Act 2000 (air traffic services);

“air traffic services licence holder” means a person who holds a licence under Chapter 1 of Part 1 of the Transport Act 2000;

“air transport services” has the same meaning as in section 82 of the Airports Act 1986;

“operational building” means, for the purposes of Class F, a building, other than a hotel, required in connection with the movement or maintenance of aircraft, or with the embarking, disembarking, loading, discharge or transport of passengers, livestock or goods at a relevant airport;

“relevant airport” means an airport to which Part 5 of the Airports Act 1986 (status of certain airport operators as statutory undertakers etc.) applies;

“relevant airport operator” means a relevant airport operator within the meaning of section 57A of the Airports Act 1986 (scope of Part 5); and

“transport legislation” means section 14(1)(d) of the Transport Act 1962 (supplemental provisions relating to the Boards’ powers) or section 10(1)(x) of the Transport Act 1968 (general powers of Passenger Transport Executive).


Paragraph O Page Updated:  8th August 2023