Part 4: Temporary buildings and uses

Temporary usesYou might not want a permanent change of use and instead be looking for a temporary change. The GPDO has you covered in Schedule 2, Part 4

This covers both temporary trading for up to 2 years in a new use class as well as items such as car boot sales and film making.

Whilst a change of use might not need permission, any external building work associated with a change of use may still require planning permission. The table below simplifies the complex legislation and should be read as a guide only, and in conjunction with the additional comments and restrictions below. Where we have articles on this Planning Geek website we have added direct links. P4/Class…. refers to the various sections within the GPDO – see this page for all those sections.

For permanent changes of use from say Offices to Residential, see this section.

The various Classes with Part 4 are as follows:

Table showing options under Part 4 with temporary changes

Class A – temporary buildings and structures

Class B – temporary use of land

Class BB – moveable structures for historic visitor attractions and listed pubs, restaurants etc

Class BC – temporary campsites

Class C – use as a state-funded school for 2 academic years

Class CA – provision of a temporary state-funded school on previously vacant commercial land

Class CB – temporary provision of buildings for a school with a RAAC-affected building

Class D – commercial, business & service etc to temporary flexible use

Class DA – Restaurants and cafes, drinking establishments and drinking establishments with expanded food provision to temporarily provide takeaway food

Class E – temporary use of buildings or land for filmmaking purposes

Paragraph F – definition of words and phrases used in Part 4






Page Updated: 25th October 2023