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On this page, we state that there is no list of use classes. There isn’t. This is not a list of use classes. It is however a directory showing which use classes we expect a particular use to fall into.

It isn’t every building use within England, but there are quite a few! Some might be open to debate as well. Where a use class is not described in either Use Class B, C, E, F1 or F2 then it falls outside the Use Class Order and is therefore Sui Generis.

Note that buildings which have multiple true uses could well be classed as Sui Generis. However if the secondary use is ancillary then the use Class remains as the main one. For example a Cathedral with a shop would still be F1, as the gift shop is ancillary to the Church. 

We will add to this page as we find that some common uses are missing. If you feel we are wrong in any of these, please let us know! It might just be a typo on our part.      


The Directory



You can sort this table on either column. You may also search for keywords. We have over 130 examples, but if any are missing, let us know

UsageUse Class
Agricultural UnitsSui Generis
Alkali WorkSui Generis
Amusement ArcadeSui Generis
Artists StudioE
BarnsSui Generis
Beauty SalonsE *
Bed & BreakfastC1
Betting ShopsSui Generis
Bingo HallSui Generis
Boarding HousesC1
Builders YardSui Generis ∆
Building SocietiesE
Buildings used for storageB8
Bungalows (use by single person or family)C3
Car Hire Sui Generis
Car RacingSui Generis
Car RepairsB2
Car ShowroomSui Generis
CasinoSui Generis
Catering premises & productionB2
Catering Storage & DistributionB8
Church HallsF1
CinemaSui Generis
Concert HallSui Generis
Custody CentresC2A
Dance HallSui Generis
Day NurseriesE
Detention CentresC2A
Distribution CentresB8
Dog Grooming ParlourE *
Drinking Establishments with Expanded Food ProvisionSui Generis
Dry CleanersE
Employment AgenciesE
Estate AgenciesE
Exhibition HallsF1
Firearms SportsSui Generis
Flats (use by single person or family)C3
Football PitchesF2
Fuel StationsSui Generis
Funeral DirectorsE
FunfairsSui Generis
Garages (Fuel)Sui Generis
Group of up to 6 people living together as a single householdC3
Group of up to 6 people living together with careC3
Guest HousesC1
Gymnasiums (Gyms)E
Health CentresE
Hire ShopsE
HMOs (3 to 6 people)C4
HMOs (7+ people)Sui Generis
Homeowner with a lodgerC3
Hostels (No care)Sui Generis
Hot Food TakeawaysSui Generis
Houses (use by single person or family)C3
Industrial ProcessB2
Industrial Processes in a residential area without causing detriment to the amenity of the areaE
Internet CafesE
Job CentreE
Landfill SitesSui Generis
Large HMOsSui Generis
LaunderettesSui Generis
Law CourtsF1
Live Music VenueSui Generis
Local HallsF2
Local Shops (no other such facility < 280 sq m within 1 km)F2
Maisonettes (use by single person or family)C3
Massage ParlourE *
Military BarracksC2A
MOT CentreB2
Motorsport ArenasSui Generis
Nail BarE *
NightclubsSui Generis
Non-residential Education and Training CentresF1
Non-retail Photographic StudioE
Nursing HomesC2
Open Air StorageB8
Other Drinking EstablishmentsSui Generis
Outdoor SportF2
Payday Loan ShopsSui Generis
Petrol StationsSui Generis
Phone ShopE
Places of WorshipF1
Police Offices (not a station)E
Police StationsSui Generis
Post OfficesE
Postal Sorting OfficesSui Generis
Professional ServicesE
Public Halls (except local)F1
Public LibrariesF1
Public Reading RoomF1
PubsSui Generis
Recording StudiosE
Religious InstructionF1
Research & DevelopmentE
Residential Accommodation in need of careC2
Residential Schools, Colleges or Training CentresC2
Retail Warehouse ClubSui Generis
Retail WarehousesE
Sale of cold food for consumption off premisesE
Scrap YardsSui Generis
Secure HospitalsC2A
Secure Local Authority AccommodationC2A
Secure Training CentresC2A
Serviced AccommodationC1 / C3
Sui Generis †
Short term Holding CentresC2A
Skating RinkF2
Sports ArenasF2
Student BlocksSui Generis
Supported Housing with care (up to 6 people)C3
Swimming PoolsF2
Tattoo ParloursE *
Taxi CompanySui Generis
Tennis CourtsF2
TheatresSui Generis
Ticket AgenciesE
Tourist InformationE
Travel AgenciesE
Vehicle SportsSui Generis
Veterinary Practice (Vets)E
Wine BarsSui Generis
Yard for Breaking of Motor VehiclesSui Generis
Yard for Storage / Distribution of MineralsSui Generis
Young Offenders’ InstitutionsC2A
ZooSui Generis

* Traditionally we have considered tattoo parlours or beauty salons to be sui generis, but the new wording in Use Class E says ‘any other services which it is appropriate to provide in a commercial, business or service locality’ which in our opinion brings several other local uses into Use Class E. You might however find that the local authority doesn’t agree. We hope they do. 

∆ Builders Merchants could be classed as B8 or Sui Generis. Wickes tend to prefer Use Class B8 / E and have obtained this at appeal.

†  Serviced accommodation or Airbnb etc., can be classed as Use Class C1, C3 or Sui Generis, depending upon the local authority and the number of nights occupied per year.  Serviced Accommodation or SA for short, does not appear in the Use Class Order as a result various local authorities treat them differently. 


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Page Updated: 12th May 2022  

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