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PlanningAs you might expect from a site called #PlanningGeek we have a section on Planning! This section will focus on the main elements of that.

This includes Use Classes – which class a particular building is likely to be in, General Permitted Development Order – or GPDO for short and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) – the charge that can add quite a bit to development costs if your council has implemented it.

Within the GPDO section, we have written several articles on the more common aspects of permitted development and prior approval. so check them out. Some of the sections that we cover here include (check the articles list for more):

Part 1 – Development within a curtilage of a dwellinghouse
Part 2 – Minor operations
Part 3 – Changes of use
Part 4 – Temporary building and uses
Part 14 – Renewable Energy
Part 20 – Construction of new dwellinghouses (in airspace)

In addition you might like to check out our planning fees page and our section on changes of use – what can you easily change an existing building to under the GPDO.  Building regs is not really planning, so you can find that in its own section.

Under our Planning Applications section, we are adding pages describing each type of application.

We also have pages explaining S106, S278 and S38 agreements.

We will continue to add to this site, so please check back regularly. All pages should be accessible from the menu above or to the side.

If you would like a section added to this site, please get in touch.


Page Updated:  20th November 2020

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