Following a high demand for mentoring and assistance calls I now offer the following services….

30 minute Zoom or Google Meet Video Call – £149 Three slots currently available
60 minute Zoom or Google Meet Video Call – £249 Two slots currently available

There are only a limited number of slots at any one time, as I must give my time fairly to those who have already signed up. I have repeat mentees every month receiving assistance so new clients are restricted.

The calls can be voice only if the mentee prefers that option.

What does the call contain?

I will give assistance from both a planning and a developer angle – unique to the UK* (* to my knowledge)

If you are looking for help with a site or planning rather than mentoring on a wider basis, please fill in the form here

We can discuss anything you like. I have a good knowledge on most aspects of property including HMOs, Single Lets, Serviced Accommodation etc., so can offer advice on multiple exits for your development. The development might be new build, conversion, airspace or a hybrid scheme. It can be one property or a one hectare plus site.

We will spend the time perhaps researching a site that you are looking at to see if there are any obvious issues that might cost you in the future. Likewise I will see if there are development angles that you have not thought about which could massively increase your GDV and profit. We can talk about capital allowances, flood risk, highways, noise, contamination, modular, sips, bike or bin storage, S106, CIL, viability, reports, the list goes on……..

What is your experience Ian?

Good question!!  Apart from being a planning geek, I run my own development projects. One of my larger schemes is in Devon where I am converting a large building to 31 flats, building 9 duplex units in airspace, 11 new build flats and 6 houses. Although those numbers may increase! I am also developing a 14 bungalow site. I have other projects in the pipeline, some of which are in the offer stages. My current GDV of my pipeline is £45 million and growing……  I also JV with partners around the UK assisting them on their own projects. Either as a full JV partner or on a consultancy basis. Rest assured I am doing it and not just teaching or talking about it!!

Is it confidential?

100% YES!  Whilst many of us are happy to talk on Facebook, Clubhouse or other social media about our projects, quite often information has to be kept confidential. Anything that we talk about in the calls will always remain confidential. I may need to look up sites using my various tools that I use, so it is important that you feel comfortable that I am not going to betray that trust that you place in me by telling me critical information that allows me to give you the best possible advice and service.

What does it cost?

Zoom or Google Meet Video Call – 30 minutes – £149

Zoom or Google Meet Video Call – 60 minutes – £249 

Do you give discounts or special offers?

No – my prices are already competitive and due to the demand I limit the number of people who I can do calls with. Therefore I do not need to do silly ‘sign up now to save’ offers, that most people do not believe anyway. The service I offer does what is says on the tin….  It must be the Yorkshire blood in me, that believes in giving good value for money without silly offers. I could double the price, then give you 50% off – but I run an ethical development company and that carries over to my calls and other services.

Do I need experience?

Not at all. We all had to start somewhere. Have you ever been inside a house? If the answer is yes, then you pass!  Just be honest and realistic. That way I can give you the best advice possible. If you’ve never done anything, say so. I will not judge. There is no need to ‘fake it until you make it’ here. I have helped many people start in developments and nothing gives me more pleasure than to see someone succeed with their dreams. Dream BIG!

How can I sign up?

Please complete the form on this page and I will make contact to get your 30 minute or 60 minute call booked in. It really is as simple as that!


If you do not get a reply within 48 hours please email [email protected] If you are looking for help with a site or planning rather than mentoring on a wider basis, please fill in the form here

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