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Ian Walmsley MCIJ DipFD is an experienced developer who loves Planning, Property, Drones, Podcasting, Travel and is very much a family man. But what makes him tick? 

Referred to as a ‘Walking Encyclopaedia’ by a mentor he developed a passion for planning in 2015 having got fed up with inaccurate information on some websites as to what was possible with property or land that he was looking to develop. He is a developer, mentor, trainer, commercial drone pilot, travel geek – oh and he loves planning!

In 2017 he set up the site ‘Planning Geek ®‘ as a way to inform others as to the possibilities of using permitted development rights on both domestic and commercial property. This has now grown to cover many other aspects of planning, giving plenty of ‘wow’ moments. To the best of our knowledge, It is now the largest planning website in the UK, apart from the national planning portal.

He now speaks around the UK at property meets, mentorship groups and private companies as a developer / planning geek.

A chartered town planner said ‘Ian knows more about planning than most planning authorities!’.  He is simply ‘A developer who loves planning’

But he is so much more than just a Planning Geek®

As a developer with his company, Leading Homes, he has 45 dwellings under construction with a further 50 plus in legals or pre-construction with a GDV in excess of £50 million plus. These sites are predominantly in the South West, but his company now partners with new developers around the UK to assist and guide them in their journey. They also assist investors with their Earn and Learn scheme which gives hands on experience in development and also gives a return on their investment. 

These days Ian mentors others and trains people in both development and planning. He regularly hosts one hour zoom sessions to help others but is equally at home running longer courses and educating from the stage. 

Not content with being a developer and a Planning Geek ® he is also a commercial drone pilot – this he uses to relax and switch off whilst flying at 400 feet, but also uses his drones to photograph and video his sites – that is when the British weather allows! His other passion in live is travel and is therefore finally also known as the Travel Geek. From this platform he has advised thousands of people in how to travel better for less. He enjoys flying first class and paying thousands less than others in the same cabin! 

As a result of running these various companies as a entrepreneur he hosts his own regular podcast – Property on Fire – in which he answers questions from listeners and is known to give the occasional rant about life! 

Finally, Ian is a family man, with a wife and two grown-up children. He leads a full and varied life and enjoys helping others in whatever way he can. 

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