Part 7: Non-domestic extensions, alterations etc

Part 7 - Non-domestic extensions, alterations etcThis section (Non-domestic extensions, alterations etc) allows for the extension and alteration of non-domestic or commercial buildings. This includes shops, offices, clinics, restaurants, industrial, warehouses, waste management, schools, colleges, prisons, hospitals or universities. And more!

Many people think that you can only add extensions to homes under permitted development – you can also extend many non-domestic or commercial buildings without the need for planning permission. Plus many other permitted development rights to non domestic properties.

The up to date legislation can be found in each section for Part 7. With a summary as required. 


The thirteen sections within Part 7 are as follows:

Class A – Extensions etc of commercial, business or service premises

Class B – Construction of shop trolley stores

Class C – Click and collect facilities

Class D – Modification of shop loading bays

Class E – Hard surfaces for commercial, business or service premises

Class H – Extensions etc of industrial and warehouse

Class I – Developments relating to an industrial process

Class J – Hard surfaces for industrial and warehouse premises

Class K – Waste deposits from an industrial process

Class L – Development at waste management facilities

Class M – Extensions etc for schools, colleges, universities, prisons and hospitals

Class MA – Alteration etc., of prison fences

Class N – Hard surfaces for schools, colleges, universities or hospitals

Paragraph O – Interpretation of Part 7




Page Updated: 8th August 2023