Part 6: Agricultural & Forestry

This section (agricultural and forestry) allows erection, extensions or alterations of buildings; other required works; mineral working for agriculture and developments for forestry.

part 6 - agricultural & forestry

Essentially it allows for works to be undertaken without planning permission in many agricultural settings.

It is broken down into four main sections for agricultural uses: land 5 ha and more, land under 5 ha, mineral working and forestry works.

The up to date legislation can be found in each section for Part 6. With a summary as required.

See also Is the use of my land agricultural and What is agricultural unit? pages

Note that it does need to be an agricultural use and not an equine use. This would require planning permission unless granted under alternative legislation.


The five sections within Part 6 are as follows:

Class A – agricultural development on units of 5 hectares or more

Class B – agricultural development on units of less than 5 hectares

Class C – mineral working for agricultural purposes

Paragraph D – Interpretation of Classes A to C

Class E – forestry developments

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Class Q – Agricultural building to residential

Class R – Agricultural buildings to a flexible commercial use




Page Updated: 9th January 2024