Agriculture & Equestrian

There are (according the Government statistics) 17.2 million hectares of land used for agriculture with over 216,000 farm units within the UK. We all know how accurate government stats are!

There are also many more equestrian facilities on top.  This makes up a large chunk of the UK.

agricultural & equestrian land

Thanks to the General Permitted Development Order there are various rights to develop on the land throughout the country. At this time this applies to agricultural land only. But it is important to know what is what and how this affects planning.

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Agriculture and Equestrian Pages

This section will expand with further links as time goes by, but in the meantime we discuss the various PD rights for buildings used for agriculture, what the difference is between agriculture and equestrian, what an agricultural unit as well as the PD rights to develop land used for agriculture is and more





Page Updated: 9th January 2024