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In most circumstances a fee needs to be paid when submitting a planning application. This page is a guide to the fees for planning applications in England. Figures are correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication/update (August 2019). If you are unsure of the fee applicable, please contact your Local Planning Authority. Your application will not be validated without the correct fee being paid. Please see this Government PDF for any fees not mentioned on this page and to confirm those that are.

Outline Applications

  • Per 0.1 hectare for sites up to and including 2.5 hectares – £462
  • In excess of 2.5 hectares – £11,432 + £138 for each 0.1 hectare to a maximum of £150,000

Householder Applications

  • Alterations / extensions to a single dwellinghouse, including works within boundary – Single dwellinghouse – £206
  • Application for a larger rear extension – £96

Full Applications (and First Submissions of Reserved Matters or Technical Details Consent)

  • Alterations / extensions to two or more dwellinghouses (or two or more flats), including works within boundaries – £407
  • New dwellinghouses (up to and including 50) – £462 per dwellinghouse
  • New dwellinghouses (for more than 50)  – £22,859 + £138 per additional dwellinghouse up to a maximum fee of £300,000

Lawful Development Certificate

  • Existing use or operation – Same as Full Applications
  • Existing use or operation – lawful not to comply with any condition or limitation – £234
  • Proposed use or operation – Half the normal planning fee

Prior Approval

Prior Approval under Part 20

  • Under 51 new dwellings – £334 per dwelling
  • Over 50 new dwellings – £16,525 plus £100 for each dwelling above 50 to a maximum fee of £300,000

Reserved Matters

  • Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval – Full fee due or if full fee already paid then £462 due

Approval / Variation / discharge of condition

  • Application for removal or variation of a condition following grant of planning permission – £234
  • Request for confirmation that one or more planning conditions have been complied with – £34 per request for Householder otherwise £116 per request

Change of Use of a building to use as one or more separate dwellinghouses, or other cases

  • Not more than 50 dwellinghouses – £462 for each
  • More than 50 dwellinghouses – £22,859 + £138 for each in excess of 50 up to a maximum of £300,000
  • Other Changes of Use of a building or land – £462


  • Relating to the business on the premises – £132
  • Advance signs which are not situated on or visible from the site, directing the public to a business – £132
  • Other advertisements – £462

Application for a Non-material Amendment Following a Grant of Planning Permission

  • Applications in respect of householder developments – £34
  • Applications in respect of other developments – £234

Application for Permission in Principle

  • Site area – £402 for each 0.1 hectare (or part thereof)

Exemptions from payment

  • For alterations, extensions, etc. to a dwellinghouse for the benefit of a registered disabled person.
  • An application solely for the carrying out of the operations for the purpose of providing a means of access for disabled persons to or within a building or premises to which members of the public are admitted.
  • Listed Building Consent.
  • Planning permission for relevant demolition in a Conservation Area.
  • Works to Trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order or in a Conservation Area.
  • Hedgerow Removal.
  • If the application is the first revision of an application for development of the same character or description on the same site by the same applicant:
    • For a withdrawn application: Within 12 months of the date the application was received;
    • For a determined application: Within 12 months of the date the application was granted, refused or an appeal dismissed;
    • For an application where an appeal was made on the grounds of non-determination: Within 12 months of the period when the giving of notice of a decision on the earlier valid application expired.
  • If the application is for a lawful development certificate, for existing use, where an application for planning permission for the same development would be exempt from the need to pay a planning fee under any other planning fee regulation.
  • If the application is for consent to display an advertisement following either a withdrawal of an earlier application (before notice of decision was issued) or where the application is made following refusal of consent for display of an advertisement, and where the application is made by or on behalf of the same person.
  • If the application is for consent to display an advertisement which results from a direction under Regulation 7 of the 2007 Regulations, dis-applying deemed consent under Regulation 6 to the advertisement in question.
    If the application is for alternative proposals for the same site by the same applicant, in order to benefit from the permitted development right in Schedule 2 Part 3 Class V of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (as amended).
  • If the application relates to a condition or conditions on an application for Listed Building Consent or planning permission for relevant demolition in a Conservation Area.
  • If the application is for a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a listed building.
  • Prior Approval for a Proposed Larger Home Extension Now charged at £96 from 19th August 2019

Reductions to payments

  • If the application is being made on behalf of a non-profit making sports club for works for playing fields not involving buildings then the fee is £462.
  • If the application is being made on behalf of a parish or community council then the fee is 50%.
  • If the application is an alternative proposal being submitted on the same site by the same applicant on the same day, where this application is of lesser cost then the fee is 50%.
  • In respect of reserved matters you must pay a sum equal to or greater than what would be payable at current rates for approval of all the reserved matters. If this amount has already been paid then the fee is £462.
  • If the application is for a Lawful Development Certificate for a Proposed use or development, then the fee is 50%.
  • If two or more applications are submitted for different proposals on the same day and relating to the same site then you must pay the fee for the highest fee plus half sum of the others.
  • Where an application crosses one or more local or district planning authorities, the Planning Portal fee calculator will only calculate a cross boundary application fee as 150% of the fee that would have been payable if there had only been one application to a single authority covering the entire site. If the fee for this divided site is smaller when the sum of the fees payable for each part of the site are calculated separately, you will need to contact the lead local authority to discuss the fee for this divided site. The fee should go to the authority that contains the larger part of the application site.

Government planning fees PDF

Page Updated:  2nd September 2020 to reflect new fees for Part 20 dwellings.

Page Updated: 21st November 2020


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