Part 11: Heritage and demolition

Demolition and heritageThis section (heritage and demolition) allows for the development by or on behalf of Historic England and for demolition of buildings, walls, fences and other structures.

This demolition is restricted in certain locations for example in a conservation area or if the building is in use as say a pub, a concert hall or is listed etc,

Check out each class below to determine what you can and can’t do with demolition.

Note that this can get quite complicated at times, so if in doubt book a Zoom session with Ian, the founder of Planning Geek. Better safe than sorry!

Any or all of Part 11 could be withdrawn via an Article 4 restriction, previous planning decision or other legislation. 

Demolition Flowchart – click to open fully
(this is a large image and therefore you might have to open in a new tab especially on a mobile device)


The three sections within Part 11 are as follows:

Class A – Development by Historic England

Class B – Demolition of buildings

Class C – Demolition of gates, fencess, walls etc.




Page Updated: 27th July 2023