Class A – Development by Historic England


The permitted development right of Class A allows Historic England to maintain, repair or the restoration of any building or monument. 

This is unlikely to be of much benefit to most readers of Planning Geek, unless you work for Historic England!  

However we are including it here as it is part of the GPDO. But there isn’t a lot to it….


Historic England




Class A – development by Historic England

Permitted development

A. Development by or on behalf of Historic England, consisting of—

(a) the maintenance, repair or restoration of any building or monument;
(b) the erection of screens, fences or covers designed or intended to protect or safeguard any building or monument; or
(c) the carrying out of works to stabilise ground conditions by any cliff, watercourse or the coastline;

where such works are required for the purposes of securing the preservation of any building or monument.

Development not permitted

A.1 Development is not permitted by Class A(a) if the works involve the extension of the building or monument.


A.2 Except for development also falling within Class A(a), Class A(b) development is permitted subject to the condition that any structure erected in accordance with that permission is removed at the expiry of a period of 6 months (or such longer period as the local planning authority may agree in writing) from the date on which work to erect the structure was begun.

Interpretation of Class A

A.3 For the purposes of Class A, “building or monument” means any building or monument in the guardianship of Historic England or owned, controlled or managed by it.



Historic England Page Updated:  20th March 2023