Size limit scrapped in Class MA and vacant requirement


Class MA allows for any building within Use Class E to be converted to residential. This includes shops, offices, restaurants, cafés and many more uses found in most high streets across England.

Today, the Government announced that the previous limit of 1,500 sq metres and the requirement for it to be vacant for 3 months before submission have been scrapped.

Class MA Conversions

For any application submitted on or after 5th March 2024, there is now no limit to the floor space that can be converted under Class MA and there is no requirement for the building to be vacant for 3 months.

This ought to open up opportunities where buildings were previously only partially converted and the remainder left as offices. 

At this time all other aspects such as the assessment in Conservation areas to the ground floor, and not being allowed in AONB, National Parks, SSSI, The Broads, Listed Buildings etc., remain.

Any application made before this date must be vacant for 3 months and limited to 1,500 sq m. So delaying any application to the 5th March is probably wise as the new rules do not become law until then.

You can find more on Class MA here.

The full legislation changes to Class MA can be found here.

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Page updated: 13th February 2024