Part C – C1, C2, C2A, C3, C4 – places where people sleep

Part C of the Use Classes Order 1987 (as amended) are places where people sleep. Check out our changes of change of use table to see which uses classes enjoy permitted development rights. There may also be temporary uses that apply to Part C. This can be found here.

Part C

Part C
is divided into five classes within England.

Use Class C1, Use Class C2, Use Class C2A, Use Class C3 & Use Class C4

Note that Serviced accommodation or SA does not appear in any of the above Use Class C sections. This is because SA does not appear in the Use Class Order. Depending upon the local authority it might be Use Class C1 which is for guest houses or B&Bs; it might be Use Class C3 for a dwelling house; or it could be Sui Generis. Proposals exist however to introduce Use Class C5. There is currently no date as to when this might come in. Details of this can be found here.



Page Updated: 21st January 2024