Use Class C5 – Short Term Holiday Lets or SA


In April 2023 the Government released a consultation proposing the introduction of a use class for short term lets or better known maybe as serviced Accommodation (SA) and permitted development rights to provide flexibility where there are no local issues with such uses – click here for details of this.

This will see a change to the Use Class Order as well as new permitted development rights.

Details are rather scant at this time, but we do know that it will be Use Class C5 (assuming it is introduced) and that there will be a permitted development right to go from C3 to C5 and vice versa.

We also expect a register to be held by the local authority of all C5 properties. However we do expect C5 to be blocked from changes of use using Class MA and maybe Class G and others.

We do not yet have a date when this will be implemented. Maybe February 2024?

Once we know more this page will be updated. Please note that C5 and indeed C6 already exists in Wales. This page refers to the use within England.


Use class C5



Can C5 dwellings be blocked?

We do expect local authorities to try and block C5 properties once introduced. However this process will take at least a year once the legislation is introduced. We will enhance this section as and when we know more information on how the Use of C5 can be prevented.



Permitted Development Changes for Use Class C5

We expect an automatic permitted development right to go from C3 to C5

If you require assistance with planning permission please either request a free fee proposal, or book a Zoom call with Ian, the founder of Planning Geek. Our team of planning consultants are here to help.


Examples for Use Class C5

According to the Planning Geek directory of uses, C5 doesn’t exist yet! You will need to wait and find out. But we expect it to include houses, bungalows, maisonettes, flats etc.


Page Updated: 21st January 2024