Use Class B8 – Storage & Distribution

Use Class B8 of the Use Classes Order 1987 (as amended) is for the use as storage or as a distribution centre. This includes open air storage.

The judgment in Newbury DC v SoS for the Environment (1981) A.C.578, states that “…storage does not have to be part of the businesses, and that as long as storage was the principal use it could be a Use Class B8 use”. In other words a site does not have to be involved in storage and distribution as a business, but that as long as the principle use was as storage it is fine.

This comes up often in the storage say of classic cars away from the domestic dwelling. The use could well be B8 despite it looking like a garage internally. Appeals have been won as such.

Use Class B8 could also be a warehouse used for distribution. Screwfix with a trade counter would fall under B8.

If an office or shop is attached to the warehouse or distribution centre then that shop or office would also be use Class B8 as it will be ancillary to the main use.

Use Class B8

Permitted Development Changes for Use Class B8

There are not any permitted development rights to go from B8 to any other use class. This would require planning permission.

You can move to Use Class B8 from Use Class B2 under Class I for under 500 sq m. Or from agricultural buildings under Class R, although this is a flexible business use and not a true B8.

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Examples for Use Class B8

According to the Planning Geek directory of uses, B8 also includes buildings used for storage, catering storage and distribution, distributions centres, open air storage, warehouses.



Page Updated: 19th January 2024