Class C – Demolition of walls, fences and gates etc


Class C allows for the demolition of walls or a fence or a gate as long as you are not in a conservation area. This relates to the demolition of a garden wall and not the wall of a property

It is very basic and allows you to demolish a wall, demolish a fence or a gate or indeed any means of enclosure.

If you are in a Conservation area and the fence or wall is less 1m that abuts a highway, waterway, open space etc or less than 2m in any other case then it is also permitted development by virtue of Class B and Class C. However that might be further controlled by an Article 4 or other restriction. 

As with other legislation listed building consent or scheduled monument consent may apply. Class C for the demolition of walls, fences etc., or even Part 11 may have been withdrawn via an Article 4 or a previous planning decision notice. 


demolition of walls, fence or gate


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Class C – demolition of gates, fences, walls etc

Permitted development

C. Any building operation consisting of the demolition of the whole or any part of any gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure.

Development not permitted

C.1 Development is not permitted by Class C if the demolition is “relevant demolition” for the purposes of section 196D of the Act (demolition of an unlisted etc building in a conservation area)


Demolition of walls Page Updated:  14th April 2024