Class C – Exterior painting


Painting exterior of a houseAre you looking to paint your house or business and want to know if you need planning?

The GPDO allows for the external painting of your property in any colour unless the you try and paint your property for an advertisement, announcement or direction sign.

This applies to a house, business or indeed any building.

Very simple class and apart from the restrictions above, you are free to paint as you wish.

Painting under Class C could be withdrawn via a restriction on the building usually through a previous planning application or via restrictions in a conservation area etc. where you might have to use a particular colour of paint.

And that is about it…..  However maybe avoid picking the colour after a night down the pub – you might regret it when you come to sell the property!



Class C – exterior painting

Permitted development

C. The painting of the exterior of any building or work.

Development not permitted

C.1 Development is not permitted by Class C if the painting is for the purpose of advertisement, announcement or direction.

Interpretation of Class C

C.2 In Class C, “painting” includes any application of colour.


Updated: 17th July 2023