Part 12: Development by local authorities

development for local authoritiesThis section (development by local authorities) gives permitted development rights to the the local authority or parish council to undertake certain activities such as erecting bush shelters, horse troughs (!), refuse bins or holding a market.  

As the readership of Planning Geek is unlikely to be utilising too many of these, we may not be expanding on many of these unless we feel there is a need. 

The up to date legislation can be found in each section for Part 12. With a summary as required. 


The four sections within Part 12 are as follows:

Class A – buildings and other infrastructure required by the local authority

Class B – Waste material deposit on old sites

Class BA – Holding of a market by or on behalf of a local authority

Paragraph C – Definitions of words and phrases used in Part 12




Page Updated: 13th August 2023