Class E – Development for the aid of shipping



We will not be expanding upon Class E, which is for the development for the aid of shipping within Planning Geek at this time.

The legislation can be found below. If you need the guidance of Planning Geek in the process for Class E, please contact us for any assistance or book a Zoom call today.





Class E – development for the aid of shipping

Permitted development

E. Development required for the purposes of the functions of a general or local lighthouse authority under the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 and any other statutory provision made with respect to a local lighthouse authority, or in the exercise by a local lighthouse authority of rights, powers or duties acquired by usage prior to the 1995 Act.

Development not permitted

E.1 Development is not permitted by Class E if it consists of or includes the erection of offices, or the reconstruction or alteration of offices where their design or external appearance would be materially affected.


Shipping Page Updated:  8th August 2023