Class C – Tramway or road transport undertakings


tramwayWe will not be expanding upon Class C, which is for development of trams and the required infrastructure within Planning Geek at this time.

The legislation can be found below. If you need the guidance of Planning Geek in the process for Class C, please contact us for any assistance or book a Zoom call today.





Class C – tramway or road transport undertakings

Permitted development

C. Development by transport undertakers required for the purposes of the carrying on of any tramway or road transport undertaking consisting of—

(a) the installation of posts, overhead wires, underground cables, feeder pillars or transformer boxes in, on, over or adjacent to a highway for the purpose of supplying current to public service vehicles;

(b) the installation of tramway tracks, and conduits, drains and pipes in connection with such tracks for the working of tramways;

(c) the installation of telephone cables and apparatus, huts, stop posts and signs required in connection with the operation of public service vehicles;

(d) the erection or construction and the maintenance, improvement or other alteration of passenger shelters and barriers for the control of people waiting to enter public service vehicles;

(e) any other development on operational land of the undertaking.

Development not permitted

C.1 Development is not permitted by Class C if it would consist of—

(a) in the case of any Class C(a) development, the installation of a structure exceeding 17 cubic metres in capacity;

(b) in the case of any Class C(e) development—
(i) the erection of a building or the reconstruction or alteration of a building where its design or external appearance would be materially affected;
(ii) the installation or erection by way of addition or replacement of any plant or machinery which would exceed 15 metres in height or the height of any plant or machinery it replaces, whichever is the greater; or
(iii) development, not wholly within a bus or tramway station, in pursuance of powers contained in transport legislation.

Interpretation of Class C

C.2 For the purposes of Class C, “transport legislation” means section 14(1)(d) of the Transport Act 1962 (supplemental provisions relating to the Boards’ powers) or section 10(1)(x) of the Transport Act 1968 (general powers of Passenger Transport Executive).




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