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marqueeClass G – Marquees and other moveable structures


Following Covid, the government made permanent the rights for pubs, restaurants or other hospitality locations to have a marquee or similar moveable structure within their curtilage. 

There are a few restrictions to the marquee or other structure. The first main one is it must be moveable – this could be a structure like a marquee or it might be on wheels. Just needs to be moveable. The marquee must be less than 3m or less in height and a maximum footprint of 50 sq m or 50% of the footprint of the building whichever is smaller.

If you are close to a residential area, then you must keep 2 metres away from residential areas.

Very simple permitted development right if you run a pub or restaurant and need some extra space outside. But you are limited to one structure.

Installation of a marquee under Class G could be withdrawn via a restriction on the building usually through a previous planning application or via restrictions in a conservation area etc.



Class G – moveable structures for pubs, restaurants etc

Permitted development

G. The provision of one moveable structure within the curtilage, and for the purposes, of a building used for a purpose within—
(a) article 3(6)(p) or (q) (drinking establishments etc.) of the Use Classes Order; or

(b) Class E(b) (sale of food and drink etc.) of Schedule 2 to that Order.

Development not permitted

G.1. Development is not permitted by Class G—
(a) on land which is or forms part of—
(i) a scheduled monument or land within its curtilage;
(ii) a listed building or land within its curtilage;

(b) if any part of the moveable structure would be within 2 metres of the curtilage of any adjacent land that is used for a purpose within Part C (residential uses) of Schedule 1 to the Use Classes Order;

(c) if the height of the moveable structure would exceed 3 metres;

(d) if the footprint of the moveable structure would exceed the lesser of—
(i) 50% of the footprint of the building, or
(ii) 50 square metres;

(e) if the moveable structure is used for the display of an advertisement.

Interpretation of Class G

G.2. For the purposes of Class G, “footprint”, in relation to a building or a moveable structure, means the total area of ground covered by the building or moveable structure.


Created: 4th February 2022

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