Class C – use of land by organisations for tents

Class C - tents

Class C allows land to be used as a camping site for tents where an organisation holds a certificate of exemption issued by the local authority under Section 269 of the Public health Act 1936.

This permitted development right will often be used by organisations in conjunction for Class A to allow both caravans and tents on the land.

Tents may include, Tepees, Bell tents, Safari tents and Yurts providing the walls and roof are of flexible material and not rigid nor clad with rigid materials, either inside or out nor should there be any fixed internal structures.

There are various organisations which can run a site for tents and the most up to date list can be found on the Government website here

Class C cannot be used if the land is within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse.



Class C – use of land by members of certain recreational organisations

Permitted development

C. The use of land by members of a recreational organisation for the purposes of recreation or instruction, and the erection or placing of tents on the land for the purposes of the use.

Development not permitted

C.1 Development is not permitted by Class C if the land is a building or is within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse.

Interpretation of Class C

C.2 For the purposes of Class C, “recreational organisation” means an organisation holding a certificate of exemption under section 269 of the Public Health Act 1936 (power of local authority to control use of moveable dwellings)


Page Updated: 1st March 2022