Class E – development on operational Crown land relating to an airbase


airbaseWe will not be expanding upon Class E, which is for the development on operational Crown land relating to an airbase including erection of buildings in connection with services of the airbase, within Planning Geek at this time.

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Class E – development on operational Crown land relating to an airbase

Permitted development

E. The carrying out on operational Crown land, by or on behalf of the Crown, of development (including the erection or alteration of an operational building) in connection with the provision of services and facilities at an airbase.


Development not permitted

E.1 Development is not permitted by Class E if it would consist of or include—

(a) the construction or extension of a runway;

(b) the construction of a passenger terminal the floor space of which would exceed 500 square metres;

(c) the extension or alteration of a passenger terminal, where the floor space of the building as existing at 7th June 2006 or, if built after that date, of the building as built, would be exceeded by more than 15%;

(d) the erection of a building other than an operational building; or

(e) the alteration or reconstruction of a building other than an operational building, where its design or external appearance would be materially affected.



E.2 Development is permitted by Class E subject to the condition that the relevant airbase operator consults the local planning authority before carrying out any development, unless that development falls within the description in paragraph E.4.


Interpretation of Class E

E.3 For the purposes of paragraph E.1, floor space is calculated by external measurement and without taking account of the floor space in any pier or satellite.

E.4 Development falls within this paragraph if—

(a) it is urgently required for the efficient running of the airbase; and

(b) it consists of the carrying out of works, or the erection or construction of a structure or of an ancillary building, or the placing on land of equipment, and the works, structure, building, or equipment do not exceed 4 metres in height or 200 cubic metres in capacity.

E.5 For the purposes of Class E, “operational building” means an operational Crown building, other than a hotel, required in connection with the movement or maintenance of aircraft, or with the embarking, disembarking, loading, discharge or transport of passengers, military or civilian personnel, goods, military equipment, munitions and other items.




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