Paragraph I – Definitions of words and phrases used in Part 1

Paragraph I

Paragraph I defines various words and phrases used in Part 1. It isn’t the biggest of sections! But important, none the less.





Interpretation of Part 1

I. For the purposes of Part 1—

“highway” includes an unadopted street or a private way;

“raised” in relation to a platform means a platform with a height greater than 0.3 metres; and

“terrace house”, except in Class AA (enlargement of a dwellinghouse by construction of additional storeys), means a dwellinghouse situated in a row of 3 or more dwellinghouses used or designed for use as single dwellings, where—
        (a) it shares a party wall with, or has a main wall adjoining the main wall of, the dwellinghouse on
        either side; or

        (b) if it is at the end of a row, it shares a party wall with or has a main wall adjoining the main
        wall of a dwellinghouse which fulfils the requirements of paragraph (a); and

“unadopted street” means a street not being a highway maintainable at the public expense within the meaning of the Highways Act 1980


And that is all that Paragraph I is – not a lot, but the definition of Highway and terrace house  do vary depending upon the section of the General Permitted Development Order.  


Also see Permitted development rights for householders – Technical Guidance

Updated: 3rd February 2022