Paragraph P – Definitions of words and phrases used in Part 14


Paragraph PParagraph P contains the meanings of various words and phrases used throughout Part 14 for renewable Energy.

It is important to read this in conjunction with any of the classes within Part 14.





Interpretation of Part 14

P. For the purposes of Part 14—


(a) means any area of land or water designed, equipped, set apart, or commonly used for affording facilities for the landing and departure of aircraft; and
(b) includes any area or space, whether on the ground, on the roof of a building or elsewhere, which is designed, equipped or set apart for affording facilities for the landing and departure of aircraft capable of descending or climbing vertically; but
(c) does not include any area the use of which for affording facilities for the landing and departure of aircraft has been abandoned and has not been resumed;

“air traffic services licence holder” means a person who holds a licence under Chapter 1 of Part 1 of the Transport Act 2000;

“block of flats” means a building which consists wholly of flats;

“detached dwellinghouse” or “detached building” means a dwellinghouse or building, as the case may be, which does not share a party wall with a neighbouring building;

“MCS Planning Standards” means the standards specified in the Microgeneration Certification Scheme for air source heat pumps (being MCS 007) and for small and micro wind turbines (being MCS 006);

“microgeneration” has the same meaning as in section 82(6) of the Energy Act 2004;

“safeguarded land” means land which—

(a) is necessary to be safeguarded for aviation or defence purposes; and
(b) has been notified as such, in writing, to the Secretary of State by an aerodrome operator, an air traffic services licence holder or the Secretary of State for Defence for the purposes of this Part;

solar canopy” means a canopy structure—

(a) installed with solar PV or solar thermal equipment, and
(b) open on all sides or, in the case of development adjoining a building, on three sides;

“solar PV” means solar photovoltaics;

“stand-alone solar” means solar PV or solar thermal equipment which is not installed on a building;

“stand-alone wind turbine” means a wind turbine which is not fixed to a building; and

“water source heat pump” means a heat pump where the collecting medium is water.


Page Updated:  7th December 2023