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Class A – Restaurant or Takeaway to Shop, Financial or Professional


Class A is a very simple and straight forward change of use. It allows you to go from a Restaurant, which is A3,  or a takeaway, which is A5 to either a shop (A1) or a professional service / financial establishment (A2).

There is no prior approval required and so you can just go ahead and do this. It is permitted development.

There are no conditions attached to the Part 3, Class A, of the GPDO. So this can be done anywhere that a restaurant exists within England.

Just a warning however, several people including some planners, say that you can use Class A on pubs (A4). You can’t! This rather useful permitted development was removed in May 2017. This is in part thanks to Tescos who changed several pubs into small stores.


Combine with other Changes of Use?


You can combine this change of use with say Class G which allows for two flats above a shop. You can’t combine it with Class M as that is date stamped for when it had to be a shop.


Need to change it back? 


You can go from a shop (A1) or a financial or professional establishment (A2) to a restaurant by using Class C. However there is no option to go back to a takeaway without full planning.

Check out other permitted development options on our changes of use page.

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