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Class A – Casino, Betting Office, Pay Day Loan Shop or Hot Food Takeaway to Commercial, Business and Service


Class A – casino, betting office, pay day loan shop or hot food takeaway
Class A is a very simple and straightforward change of use. It allows you to go from a either a Casino, a betting office, a payday loan shop or a takeaway to commercial, business and Service which is Use Class E. 

There is no prior approval required and so you can just go ahead and do this. It is permitted development. The only requirement is to write to the local authority informing them when the building will change over to Use Class E.

This change of use, Class A replaced a previous version which was largely made redundant once Use Class E came into being. From that only takeaway was left. The New Change of Use – Class A adds casino, betting office and Payday loan shop to the takeaway that can be converted to offices, shops and much more!


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Class A – casino, betting office, pay day loan shop or hot food takeaway to commercial, business and service

Permitted development

A. Development consisting of a change of use of a building from a use falling within one of the following provisions of the Use Classes Order—
(a) article 3(6)(m) (casino);
(b) article 3(6)(n) (betting office);
(c) article 3(6)(o) (pay day loan shop); or
(d) article 3(6)(r) (hot food takeaway),

to a use falling within Class E (commercial, business and service) of Schedule 2 to that Order.


A.1. Development under Class A is permitted subject to the condition that, before beginning the development, the developer provides written notification to the local planning authority of the date on which the use of the building will change.



Page updated: 27th February 2022

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