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Class H – satellite dishes on a house

satellite dishYou might not need a dish the size of the one in the in  image.but the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) allows for satellite and other microwave antennae (to give them their correct name) to be erected on many homes or within their curtilage without the need for any planning. Needless to say there are a couple of restrictions, which we will cover in this article.

All these permissions are contained within Part 1 of the GPDO and apply only to C3 houses. Before starting work check to see if there any conditions that have been placed on your property. These are quite common on new build properties or maybe as a result of a previous planning approval. In those cases full planning permission might be required relevant to that condition or restriction.


Where else can’t we benefit?


These permissions do not apply to flats or maisonettes. Nor do they apply to houses that have been converted from agricultural buildings, storage, light industrial, shops or casinos. They do however apply to houses (not flats) converted from offices under Class O. There are also restrictions of the building is listed, in a conservation area, AONB, Broads or Heritage site. They might also have been removed as a result of an Article 4 or a condition on a previous planning application.


The restrictions….


If you have read any of the other sections on Planning Geek, you will be aware that there are a few restrictions! Satellite dishes are no exception.

  • No more than two dishes within the curtilage
  • Can’t exceed more than 1 metre in length or diameter
  • If installed on a chimney, the length or diameter can’t exceed 0.6 meter
  • If installed on a chimney, it can’t protrude above the chimney
  • Can’t be above the highest point of the roof if not on a chimney
  • On Article 2(3) land not on a chimney, wall or slope which faces onto or is visible from a highway or on a building higher than 15 meters
  • On the broads not on a chimney, wall or slope which faces onto or is visible from a waterway
  • Any satellite dish must be sited to minimise the effect on the external appearance
  • If it is no longer used for transmission is must be removed as soon as possible.


Also see Permitted development rights for householders – Technical Guidance 

Updated: 6th July 2020 to add link to Technical Guidance

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