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Part 1: Development within the curtilage of a househouse

This is schedule 2, Part 1 of the General Permitted Development Order 2015 (as amended). In plain English, this means that this section will cover changes to your house and home that can be carried out with permitted development.

What is the curtilage?

Good question!  Simply it is the land surrounding the property which is used for the benefit of those living in the house. This might include driveways, lawns, stables (for domestic animals), vegetable patch etc. It is unlikely to contain land that is separate, or paddocks etc., which are not considered part of the dwelling even though they may be linked.

Most permitted development rights do not apply to flats or maisonettes.  Any external developments to these properties would require full planning.

However, internal changes are not considered ‘development’ and can therefore be carried out in flats and maisonettes as well as houses.

As with many other sections of this site, we are focusing on English planning here and not those homes in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each of those has their own slightly different rules. I am sure we will cover those eventually on Planning Geek.

Planning does alter on a regular basis and we will aim to keep this fully up to date. If in doubt please consult the GPDO – the links to the latest version can be found on our links page.

The following sections make up Part 1:

Class A – enlargement, improvement or other alteration of a house (Extensions)
Class AA – enlargement of a dwellinghouse by construction of additional storeys

Class B – additions to the roof of a house (Dormers etc.)
Class C – other alterations to the roof of a dwelling house (Velux etc.)
Class D – porches
Class E – buildings etc incidental to the enjoyment of a house (Outbuildings)
Class F – driveways
Class G – chimneys and flues etc. on a dwelling house
Class H – satellite dishes on a house
Paragraph I – definitions used in Part 1

Page Updated:  26th November 2020

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