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welcomeWelcome to our articles section!

Welcome! This is a new section on Planning Geek. Articles will be written when I feel that there is something that is worth sharing with the reader.

Comments will not be active initially, but I will look at enabling them in the future.

What will we cover?

  • rants – things that currently bug me! And trust me, there are a few!!
  • news – what is happening in the world of planning, property or development
  • articles that are not really related to planning, but would be of use to readers – that might be HMOs, R2R, Training, Serviced Accommodation etc….
  • anything else that takes my fancy……

To be brutally honest, at this stage I have no idea what we will cover. The main pages of the website will be fairly static and only get updated when policy changes. Here we can add shorter news items, which have a much shorter shelf life.

I will be using tags within the articles section, so it will be easy to view similar articles, and each article will be divided into different categories.

The important aspect to remember is that this section will evolve!

Write for us!

We are always interested in anyone writing an article for us on anything to do with property. It does not have to be connected with planning. As long as it is connected to property, then it qualifies!

Please contact us, if this is of interest.

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