Welcome to Property on Fire – This is Episode 22.  Thank you for the amazing feedback following our return earlier in the week.

On this episode, you’ll hear about the lifting of the UK energy cap.  In just a few short weeks, prices are set to raise a massive 54% – Ian reminds us of the issues for those running HMO’s and SA’s, and how they’ll be able to pass the extra cost on.  He’s guestimated an increase of around £10 per room, per week.

Property prices… Is the bubble about the burst? It’s been a hotly discussed topic over the last couple of years. On this show, Ian shares his thoughts and predictions.

IAN’S RANT UPDATE: After last week’s rant, British Gas got in touch with Ian and started discussing options with him into how they could fix the issue that he’s having. His complaints went all the way to Chris O’Shea, the CEO of Centrica…. if anybody can sort the issue, Chris can! (Finger’s crossed…. watch this space!)

Ian’s Rant is BACK for this week – Today he’s fed up with the number of companies who are still insisting that COVID-19 are the main reasons for their problems. Ian believes this is just an excuse for poor customer service, feel free to get in touch and let him know your thoughts (unless you work for a company who are using Covid as an excuse!) ?

As always, Ian’s had many questions land on his desk. This week on Property on Fire, he answers one for Jack about how to convert a guest house into flats, and another question from Sally who asks how a property owner can find out which fence’s are yours, and which fence’s are your neighbour’s. It’s a common question in the UK at the moment, following some very windy weather!


A regular podcast from your host Ian Walmsley. Join him every week for a dynamic podcast with Ian and his guests on how to seize the opportunities out there before others do! 

You will learn about planning from a developer’s eye, you will benefit and learn together from the mistakes that Ian makes. He is very grateful for the opportunities that he has had and would love to share these with you.



Ian Walmsley  is a third-generation experienced developer who loves Planning. Referred to as a ‘Walking Encyclopaedia’ by a mentor he developed a passion for planning in 2015 having got fed up with inaccurate information on some websites as to what was possible with property or land that he was looking to develop.

In 2017 he set up the site ‘Planning Geek‘ as a way to inform others as to the possibilities of using permitted development rights on both domestic and commercial property. This has now grown to cover many other aspects of planning, giving plenty of ‘wow’ moments. To the best of our knowledge, It is now the largest planning website in the UK, apart from the national planning portal.

He now speaks around the UK at both property meets and with mentorship groups as a developer/planning geek.

As a developer with his company, Leading Homes, he has 40 dwellings under construction with a further 50 plus in legals or pre-construction.

The one thing he is not is a Planning Consultant – he is a Planning Geek – although a chartered town planner said ‘Ian knows more about planning than most planners!’. He is simply ‘A developer who loves planning’. As a result he has nothing to sell from his talks, which is always a refreshing change!



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