Swimming Pools – do they need planning permission?

Fancy a swimming pool in the garden? Do you need planning permission? The short answer is no – but then you may do, to realise your plans! Let me explain….


A hole in the ground!

If you are just digging a large hole in the ground and filling that with water then no, you are highly unlikely to need planning permission. There might be restrictions in designated land such as national parks, the Broads, AONB, WHS etc. – but in reality you ought to be fine, but check just in case. 


Swimming pool

Beyond a hole in the ground…..

If you are looking to enclose your nice new swimming pool in an outbuilding with a pump room then again you ought to be okay, as long as your comply with Class E of Part 2 for outbuildings. These must not be in your front garden nor take up more than 50% of the curtilage and must be for the benefit and enjoyment of the residents of the house.  Just be careful if you are in a conservation area, national park, AONB, SSSI etc. Check the page above for any limitations in designated areas.


Indoor Pools

This would normally be considered not development as it is an interior alteration. However if you are in a listed building you will need consent from the conservation officer.


Building Control

Swimming pools will come under Part L of the regulations. Consult with a qualified inspector of the local authority to ensure that your swimming pool complies with building regs.





Page Updated: 6th March 2022