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Planning Application Fee Proposal / Quote

If you are interested in the team at Planning Geek submitting a planning application on your behalf please let us know. This is in conjunction with Partners in Property. You are entitled to a 10% discount from our fees, being a member of PIP. We will need to verify your membership of PIP prior to giving the discount – we have to be fair 🙂 

Partners in Property

Simply fill in the form below and we will reply as soon as possible.  At this time we are only able to accept planning applications within England. As part of this fee proposal we will undertake a FREE assessment of the site in order to give you the best price possible. So please allow us a couple of extra working days to undertake this. 

If you have a zoom session with Ian about a site, we will deduct this from your planning invoice. You might like opt for this first. Click here to book.

The fee proposal or fixed price quote we will make will be based upon the information supplied. If this changes then the price charged may alter both up and down. If the work required is less than originally expected we will not charge the full amount or a refund will be made. Of course if we have to spend more time, then this might change – this will always be discussed. We believe in being fair at Planning Geek

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This form isn't too long - but it allows us to confirm your requirements. Please fill in as much as you can.

Any fee proposal given will automatically reflect a 10% discount on our fees for being part of Partners in Property


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If you had a zoom session in relation to this site, we will deduct that figure from our fees for the application.

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All fee proposals or fixed price quotes are subject to the Planning Geek Terms and Conditions. Details of government planning fees can be found at


Page Updated: 27th July 2023