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Use Class F1 – learning and non-residential institutions

Use Class F1

Use Class F1 of the Use Classes Order 1987 (as amended) was introduced on 1st September 2020 and covers some of the former use classes of D1 (non-residential institutions). Note that the list on this page might alter from the original order as some subclasses have been removed and others added. This page is correct as of 28th July 2020. Check out our changes of change of use table to see which Use Class F1 enjoy permitted development rights – note that until 31st July 2021 the GPDO will act as if the original use classes existed.

They are as follows…..

(Also see Class BClass C, Class E, Class F2 and Sui Generis)

Use Class F1 – Learning and non-residential institutions –

Any use not including residential use –
a) the provision of education, (schools, colleges etc. – former use class D1) 
b) for the display of works of art (otherwise than for sale or hire), (galleries – former use class D1)
c) as a museum (former use class D1)
d) as a public library or public reading room, (former use class D1)
e) as a public hall or exhibition hall, (former use class D1)
f) for, or in connection with, public worship or religious instruction (churches etc. – former use class D1)

Check out our changes of change of use table to see which Class F1 use classes enjoy permitted development rights.

Where a property is in two use classes – then it will be classed as sui generis. The one exception is a building with Class E, sub-paragraph (g) (or B1 prior to September 1st 2020) & B2 use as long as the section allocated to B2 is not substantially increased.

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